Fee Schedule

As of September 1, 2018

Share Savings Account Services

Opening Share Account Membership


Excessive Withdrawals (After 6 withdrawals free for month) $0.00
Returned ACH Item $35.00 each
Closing Share Account (If within 365 days of opening) $10.00 each
Dormant Accounts Fee (after one year of inactivity) $5.00 / month
Teller Checks $1.50 each
Returned Mail or Bad Address $10.00 /item
Print out of Savings Account $2.00 per page
Interim Statement Fee $2.00 per page
Certification of Pages 1.00 per page
Minimum Balance Fee $5.00 per month
Stop Payment Fee $35.00 per item
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per page
Reopen Membership Fee $10.00 (w/in 1 yr.)

Share Draft Checking

Closing Share Draft Account (If within 365 days of opening)  $5.00 each
Retuned Check or Preauthorized Withdrawal (ACH) due to Nonsufficient (NSF) or Uncollected Funds  $35.00 per item
 Overdrafts or Items Paid With Overdraft Privilege  $35.00 per item
 Copy of Share Draft Item  $5.00 each
 Stop Paymnet on a Check or Preauthorized Withdrawal (ACH)  $35.00 per item
 Statement Copy  $5.00 per page
 Print out of Share Draft Account  $5.00 per page
Transfer of Funds from a Savings Account to a Checking Account to pay an Item (i.e. Check or Preauthorized Withdrwal (ACH))   $5.00 each
 Check Printing  Varies
 Interim Statement Fee  $2.00 per page
 Certification of Pages  $1.00 per page

Money Transfer Services

ACH Authorization Agreement for Loan Payments  FREE

Loan Services

Loan Application Fee for Personal Loans  $15.00 each
No-Credit Check Loan Application Fee  $20.00 each
Late Payment  $25.00 per month

VISA Credit Card Services

Annual Fee  FREE
Returned Check Fee  $25.00 each
Late Fee (Charged two days after statement close)  $20.00 per month
Overlimit Fee  No Fee
Card Replacement Fee  $15.00 / incident

VISA Check Card

Replacement of Lost, Damaged or Stolen Check Card  $15.00 / incident
ATM Cash Withdrawal (Free at Preston Network ATMs)  $3.00 each
Balance Inquiry  FREE

Other Fees

Account Research Fee  $25.00/ hour - 1 hr. min.
Stop Payment - Per Check or ACH Item  $35.00 each
Stop Payment of Teller Check  $35.00 each
Cancel Stop Payment  $5.00 per item
Check Presented Against Uncollected Funds  $35.00 per item
Nonsufficient or Uncollected Funds on Preauthorized Withdrawal (ACH)  $35.00 per item
Deposited Cehck (or other item) Returned Unpaid  $35.00 per item