Share Accounts

The Credit Union offers a variety of savings accounts to help you save and plan for your future. Each member's account is Federally Insured by the NCUSIF up to at least $250,000. which means that your money is safe! Take a look at the different types of accounts we offer, and contact Member Services if you would like more information.

Share (Savings) Accounts

A share account is the basic savings account that establishes your credit union membership. Joining the credit union is as simple as opening a share account.

Coming Soon!   Share Draft (Checking) Account

Our share draft (checking) account will features no minimum balance requirements and have no monthly service fee or per check charges. Carbonless copy checks eliminate the need for cancelled checks. Monthly statements will be provided for your ease in record keeping.

Your Insured Funds

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) operates the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) to protect accounts at federally insured credit unions up to $250,000. The $250,000 in coverage applies to each share owner, per insured credit union, for each account ownership category.  

For more information on this coverage, please refer to the NCUA website which provides examples of insurance coverage under NCUA’s rules.

The Electronic Share Insurance Calculator
Calculate the amount of your insured funds at a federally insured credit union using NCUA’s Share Insurance Estimator. The estimator can be used for personal, business, or government accounts. Personal accounts include individual ownership, joint ownership, payable-on-death (accounts with named beneficiaries), living trusts, and IRAs. The Estimator also includes an extensive Glossary of Terms and Frequently Asked Questions.